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Homöopathie in der Schwangerschaft

(Homeopathy during pregnancy)

GU Kompass
Homöopathie in der Schwangerschaft
(Homeopathy during pregnancy)
Sven Sommer


Price: EUR 6.90
ISBN: 3774269386
Paperback (9,5 x 16 cm) – 128 pages (2005)
Gräfe und Unzer, Munich

Although many women experience pregnancy as a period of radiant good health, a variety of physical complaints can occur during this time. Since the Thelidimite-scandal in the 60ies, we are only too aware of the potential risks involved in taking conventional medicine when pregnant. A sedative was propagated as safe for pregnant women by the pharmaceutical industry and sold over the counter with huge success and with the catastrophic result that approximately ten thousand disfigured babies were born. Since this time, medical prescriptions for pregnant women are treated with extreme caution - and rightly so. The safest option is to avoid conventional medicines altogether if at all possible.

For the pregnant woman, homeopathy offers an effective alternative to conventional medicines. Not only have the remedies been used successfully for 200 years on women during and after pregnancy, but because of their high dilutions, when used correctly they are without side-effects. Recent scientific research confirms the effectiveness of homeopathy. As this information becomes more widely available, it is likely to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of health.

If you are pregnant and you experience health problems, homeopathy can help you to recover quickly and effectively. My intention in writing this book is to help you to experience pregnancy as it should be: a healthy and happy period of your life.

New research comes out in favor of homeopathy during pregnancy
A Swiss study , which tested alternative therapies over a period of 5 years, came to the conclusion that for complaints during pregnancy, conventional medicine can often provide no solution at all or only medication with a much higher risk potential than homeopathic remedies.


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