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GU Kompass Gesund Reisen mit Homöopathie und Schulmedizin

(Homeopathy for travellers)

GU Kompass
Gesund Reisen mit Homöopathie und Schulmedizin
(Homeopathy for travellers - including conventional medical advice)
Sven Sommer / Dr. med. Werner Dunau

Price: EUR 6.90
ISBN: 3774247978
Paperback (9,5x16cm) - 128 pages (2000) Gräfe und Unzer, Munich

Whether you are biking through the Black Forest or going off on a Safari trip to Kenya, take the new travel-guide from GU in your luggage. This practical pocket-guide with its protective cover gives advice on which remedies to take and provides a table with recommended vaccinations. The alphabetical listing of complaints makes it easy to find the information you are looking for. Practical, conventional and homeopathic advice is given depending on the severity of the complaints. Illnesses which might appear during or after travelling to tropical countries are specifically recorded and symptoms, which may appear later are clearly explained. A language guide to help you with the local doctor or when buying remedies in a pharmacy adds the final touch. Whilst this guidebook would not substitute a visit to the doctor in emergency-cases, it can be an invaluable travel or holiday companion.


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