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Grosser GU Kompass Homöopathie


Grosser GU Kompass
Homöopathie (Homeopathy)

Sven Sommer

Price: EUR 9.90
ISBN: 3774232237
Paperback (10x18cm) - 256 pages (2001) Gräfe und Unzer, Munich
Similar in structure and content to the successful GU-Kompass Homöopathie, but with 256 pages and in a larger format, this new homeopathic guide offers comprehensive advice on over 130 complaints and describes over 100 remedies. Indexes from A-Z on the margin of the pages help the reader to negotiate their way quickly through the chapters. Complaints which indicate numerous possible remedies are divided into sub-headings which keeps the presentation clear and easy to follow. Illnesses are listed alphabetically and categorised into sections (First Aid, Physical Complaints, Emotional Disorders, Childhood Diseases). All of which helps to make self treatment with homeopathic remedies even more effective and effortless!

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Available only in German.

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