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Welcome to the homepage of Sven Sommer!

For the last few years I worked as a Heilpraktiker (holistic practitioner) in Oxford, England. At the moment I live in Spain. Although trained in a wide range of complementary therapies, I have mainly specialised in Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Iridology. Nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies and the Dorn Therapy (a new gentle kind of back manipulation) have also become important aspects of my treatment. It is my believe that a holistic approach is essential, because not every therapy is equally valid for each patient or each ailment. A careful choice of therapies, tailored to their individual needs, has worked well for my patients in the past. As I am fortunate enough to earn enough money with my books I am able to offer free treatments for the people in the area.  

On the following web-pages you will find more information about the books I have written, as well as the homeopathic kits, which have been specifically designed to be used alongside some of the publications. You will also find a short CV and my address, if you wish to contact me. A description of the main therapies I practice is available only on the English part of my website.

Under 'news' you will find short reports and useful information such as recommended remedies for flu or what basic homeopathic medication to take on holiday. My homepage will be updated at regular intervals, so it might be well worth your while to log in from time to time!

Best wishes


Sven Sommer, HP, MdFDH