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Sven Sommer

Sven Sommer, Hp, MdfDH, trained in homeopathy and other complementary therapies in Germany. He is author of  nine books on the subject. He lived from 1997 in Oxford and has recently moved to Spain.

CV of Sven Sommer

  • 1963: born in Munich, Germany
  • 1984: Abitur (A-Levels) in Biochemistry, Mathematics, German, Religion
  • 1985&86: Army - national service
  • 1986&87: travel through Asia, France and South America
  • 1987&88: studied Chemistry in Heidelberg
  • 1989-92: trained at the Holistic Medical School in Munich to become a Heilpraktiker (Alternative Practitioner). The Course provides students with a general knowledge of conventional medicine, and a profound understanding of various alternative therapeutic and diagnostic methods (e.g. Homeopathy, Herbalism, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Nutrition, Bach Flower Therapy etc.)
  • 1992: recognised as a professional Heilpraktiker by the German Health Authorities (equivalent to the NHS). In Germany this means the equivalent status of a practising doctor of conventional medicine, but in the alternative field.
    1992-97: worked as a Heilpraktiker from his own clinic near Augsburg, in the South of Germany.
  • 1996: publication of his first book "Homeopathy" by "Gräfe und Unzer (GU)". This is a little self-help guide to the homeopathic treatment of common complaints. The book has become an instant bestseller and has been translated into French, Romanian, Italian, Greek, Slovakian and Czech.
    In this year he also had work experience in the practice of Acupuncture at the University-Hospital in Chengdu, China
  • 1997: introduced a homeopathic remedy-kit to the German market. The kit contains the homeopathic remedies referred to in the book. The one seems to promote the other
  • 1998: moved to Oxford (his partner is English) and starting to work from the WellBeing Clinic, the oldest and most established alternative health centre in that city. At the WBC he initiated a project for children, which provides those from poorer backgrounds with free alternative treatment. He was also head of the assessment service there, which offered patients, who did not know which therapy to choose, a comprehensive assessment on which treatment would suit them best
    A second book, "Gesunde Reise/Gesund Reisen mit Homöopathie und Schulmedizin" (Healthy Travelling) is published by GU. This is written together with a German General Practitioner, Dr. W. Dunau. The book (published in the same series as the first) offers comprehensive conventional and homeopathic medical advice for travellers and holiday-makers. It has been translated into French
  • 1999: a third book on the subject of Homeopathy is published by GU. This 200 page book is attractively presented in hardcover, with lots of photographs (a "glossy big brother" to the first one)
  • 2001: THE LITTLE BOOK OF HOMEOPATHY is published by Vermilion, an imprint of Random House and Helios Homeopathic pharmacy introduces a homeopathic leather kit to the English market. The kit contains the homeopathic remedies referred to in the book.
    In the autumn a much larger version of his first German book "Der grosse Kompass Homöopathie" was published by GU
  • 2002: THE LITTLE BOOK OF BACHFLOWER REMEDIES was published by Vermilion
    In this year he also had work experience in the practice of Homeopathy in South-India
  • 2003: Homöopathie für Kinder (Homeopathy for children) is published by GU
  • 2004: Printrun of has excided one million copies 
  • 2005: Homöopathie in der Schwangerschaft (Homeopathy during pregnancy) is published by GU
  • 2006: Homöopathy - sanfte Selbsthilfe (Homeopathy for gentle self-treatment) is published by GU