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Bestseller: GU Kompass Homöopathie

(Homeopathy for common use)

GU Kompass

Homöopathie für den Hausgebrauch (Homeopathy for common use)
Sven Sommer

Price: EUR 6.90
ISBN: 3774231141
Paperback (9,5x16cm) - 128 pages (1996) Gräfe und Unzer, Munich

Over half a million copies sold! The successful little pocket guide for treating common complaints and illnesses. The conditions are listed from A - Z and explained in detail so that the appropriate remedy can be selected speedily and without difficulty. Almost 50 of the most important homeopathic remedies are recorded: giving the type or personality to which they correspond and the symptoms and complaints for which they can be used. Written in an clear, understandable style to enable you to find help for conditions ranging from anxiety and toothache to headaches and flu.
Translated into French, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Slovenian and Czech.

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Available only in German.

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