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Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower therapy uses 38 remedies to treat the most common emotional and physical complaints.



In the late 1920s Dr. Edward Bach, a well known Harley street physician, discovered that flower remedies can heal physical symptoms by treating negative emotions.
Bach Flower therapy uses his 38 key remedies to treat the most common emotional and physical complaints.

Bach’s therapy has since become one of the most important treatments in complementary medicine to alleviate psychosomatic complaints, an increasing problem in our society.

Bach remedies are completely safe to use, have no side-effects and can be taken alongside other therapies or medicine.

Rescue Remedy


Rescue remedy, a mixture of five different Bach remedies is now commonly used at times of crisis or stress.
It is known that Rescue Remedy has an immediate calming effect following any kind of emotional or physical shock (especially amongst children).

Bach Flower Therapy

How Bach remedies work


We are all aware of how powerful our emotions can be. When happy and content we are less likely to fall ill. We know that deprivation of love, anger, anxiety, lack of self confidence, over-ambition or humiliation can cause negative stress and that stress can make us ill. Modern Immunology acknowledges that stress weakens our immune system and can cause health problems.


Edward Bach believed that each of us is by nature happy and healthy, as long as we are in touch with our inner self.  It is when we loose this harmonious connection with our inner being that negative emotions, such as fear, uncertainty, aggression or desperation can arise. Bach believed that these emotional imbalances were the real reason behind any illness and distress.


Each of his remedies treats a negative emotional state. They help you to overcome emotional problems and to regain your inner balance. This in turn strengthens your health.


As we become increasingly attuned to our emotional well being and realise how closely it  relates to our physical health, Bach remedies have an ever more important part to play in our modern lives.

When can Bach remedies help?


Bach remedies can help with emotional problems, such as anger, anxiety, fears, a lack of self-confidence, impatience, mild depression or aggression.  They also can help with eating disorders, panic attacks, grief, stress, fatigue or insomnia.


Children with problems such as hyper-activity, temper tantrums or learning difficulties can be helped with the remedies.


Bach remedies help with psychosomatic conditions such as stomach ulcers, tension headaches, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and any other illness which may be triggered or aggravated by negative emotions.


But they also help when chronic or even terminal illness makes one feel anxious, fearful, aggressive, resentful or depressive. 


The Treatment


Sven Sommer uses different diagnostic systems, clinical examination-methods, a Bach Flower questionnaire and an extensive Interview during the first consultation (60-90 minutes) to find out which Bach remedies may be suitable for your condition or situation. If necessary, he would not hesitate to recommend other complementary therapies such as homeopathy, reflexology, nutrition or herbalism


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